Larvel Comics
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Cast of Characters

Coffee Man BoyCoffee Man Boy KristinKristin
Darkish barista #2. Goth with the edge taken off. Kristin and CMB are the face of this small bakery/coffee shop.
Type-A breakmaker.
GorillaGorilla (Wade's Alter Ego)
The singing bar maker.
Has a motorcycle and a cool, easygoing attitude about life and danger.
Gay clubber that plays barista a few times a month and is living in this quiet town for some odd reason.
Bunny (Fu Fu)Bunny (Fu Fu)
An old, bitter clip-art user.
The naughty Caffeine Princess. (recently upgraded from "Java Wench")
Certified Scone diety
Lanky delivery guy.
Harold the Time Punch ClockHarold the Time Punch Clock

The Regulars

Bag Lady and her pacemaker
Business Guy
The Artsy Architects
Kristin (the other Kristin)
Teenagers and Screaming Children

Special Guests

Jesus Chris and the choir of Angels
Tropical Banana Girl
Famous Actress
Gang of Bikers
The Mario Brothers
An Army Of Flies