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About the Observations of Coffee Man Boy

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Coffee Man Boy was written in 1997 during a stint at a small town coffee shop. This cafe was located off the main strip and thus attracted more of a neighborhood crowd. It also allowed many hours of quiet time between the morning commuters and after the lunch rush for Aaron to document the rotating cast of characters that presented themselves to him.

Partially inspired by the "anti humor" of Jim's Journal, partially a freeform flow of consciousness, and at least 75% from real life, this strip is sure to do one thing: take some time out of your life.

January 3, 2004: These strips have been lying around, literally, for years. I've decided that I may never ink them or polish the jokes properly so I am presenting them in their original form - scanned sketches on colored paper, sketch books, and napkins. There are a few scenery shots that I did put some quality pencil to, but they are few and far between. If this should gain momentum in some way you'll see the site evolve and "clean up" a bit - but for now it's more an exercise in exorcising than anything else.

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